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Dolcetto d’Alba 2021


Tasting notes

The Sandrone Dolcetto d'Alba 2021 is a young wine of complex and beautiful personality, with great aromatics.

The color is alive and dense: ruby accompanied by elegant violet reflections.

The fragrance is varied, first of all of fruit: pleasant hints of maraschino cherry, plum and small red fruits. This is followed by spicy notes, which are accentuated and harmonized as the wine evolves in the glass.

The flavor is dry, intense, vigorous and moderately warm, and concludes with a pleasant final hint of almonds.

This Dolcetto d'Alba is an eclectic wine, able to accompany many of the various dishes of a meal.



Ratings for the vintage 2021
Vinous 91 points
Wine Spectator 89 points 
Falstaff 92 Punkte 
Wine Enthusiast 90 points


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Evolution of the vintage 2021

The 2020-2021 winter was extremely snowy, with cumulative snowfalls in higher elevations of the Barolo zone reaching 3+ meters over 4 snowfalls. The weather warmed in March and there were 2 weeks of unseasonably warm temperatures before the early April frost event. The frost lasted about 48 hours, depending on the site, and affected all of Europe. The vines had already begun budding and damages were luckily limited to lower elevations and places where air currents pushed the cold air up the hillsides. Fortunately, none of the Sandrone vineyards were affected. 

Flowering was in the first week of June and coincided with the first period of real warmth. Thereafter, June and July were alternating warm-cool with well-timed rainstorms. The last significant summer rain was in mid-July, which also brought devastating hail to parts of Monforte, Novello and Roero.

Summer continued with little rainfall, contributing to what proved to be an excellent plant health and quality profile at harvest time.

In early September the night temperatures began to cool, and the plants received a bit of refreshment from a few rainstorms in the middle of September. General disease pressures were low in 2021 due to lack of humidity and good air circulation.

There are significant temperature and climatic similarities between 2016 and 2021, including the high August heat. The biggest difference between the two growing seasons was water – in 2016, its relative abundance, versus its lack in 2021.


Harvest took place from September 9th until 17th



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