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Sandrone family history

The People


Luciano Sandrone was born in the hamlet of Pozza, near Annunziata in the township of La Morra. As a boy he moved with his parents to Barolo, and his mother still lives in the same house on the old Barolo-Alba road. Neither of his parents was in the wine business, nor did either own vineyard land, but Luciano wanted to make wine.


Luca Sandrone, the younger brother of Luciano, was raised in the town of Barolo, where he was an avid sportsman and Vespa rider. He received his wine education at the Scuola Enologica in Alba, where he graduated in 1987. He worked in the Roero for several years, building up experience in making red and white wines, and gaining deep experience in vineyard management and viticulture.


Barbara Sandrone, the daughter of Luciano, has been involved with the day-to-day running of the winery operation since 1989, and on a full-time basis since returning to the Barolo in 1994.

Viticulture at Sandrone

ViticultureTo best express the unique terroir of each individual vineyard site, the winery uses the same viticultural techniques in every vineyard, whether it be planted to Nebbiolo, Barbera or Dolcetto.

Valmau and the Roero

LangheValmaggiore (Valmau in the local dialect) is in the Roero, an area that produces Nebbiolo of partcular aromatic complexity and an elegant, lighter structure in comparison to Barolo. The soil in the impossibly steep vineyard is almost 100% sand.

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