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Tasting notes

Deep red color. Floral, black cherry and vanilla notes come through on the generous and open nose.

There is a chalky element to the tannins that is characteristic of the 2005 vintage.

In the mouth, the fruit and licorice are supported by the ripe, deep tannins and excellent acid balance.

The finish shows some pretty floral motes around the tannins.


Ratings for the vintage 2005

Wine Advocate 95 points
Stephen Tanzer 95 points
Vinous 94 points
Wine Spectator 96 points
Falstaff 92 Punkte
Gambero Rosso 3 bicchieri
I Vini di Veronelli 3 stelle
Wine Enthusiast 95 points


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Evolution of the vintage 2005

The good reserves of water accumulated thanks to the winter and spring rains in 2005 enabled the grapes to overcome the high summer temperatures without difficulty.

Some rain at the beginning of September led to fears for the harvest, but it went ahead as usual, thanks to the return of fine weather.

Harvest on the 29th and 30th of September.







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