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Two different territories

To the right of the Tanaro, the Langa has shaped the hills with a solid structure, a profound terrain compact in its marly trestle, grey in certain places, bluish elsewhere. At the left of the river the marly components let the layers of sand prevail which often englobe fossil shells making the soil softer and welcoming. The differences of the soil orient and guide the characters of the wines; those born on the right of the river are full, savory and long-lived; harmonic, delicate and fragrant are the ones born to the left of the river. Thus, under the same sky, both territories benefit of a cold and mild with the sun, tomorrow between the clouds, this is what helps the wines to resist time.


The ancient beginnings

If the hills tell the characters of Langa and Roero today, millions of years ago there was the Po sea which covered everything. Then the tertiary era came and the sea withdrew itself bit by bit. Langa began to emerge, during the Miocene period, about 15 million years ago. After 10-12 million years, it was Roero's turn, in the Pliocene period. Today, the water has remained in the tortuous riverbed of the river Tanaro, holding to his right hand the Langa and the Roero to his left hand. On both banks the great differences reign dictated by the ancient origin of both territories and are punctually reflected in the characters of the wines produced on these hills.

Our company is located in Barolo, in the heart of the Langa area. We deeply love the hills and their compact soil. We know the expectations of a vine well that prefers sunny grounds, far from strange winds and from stagnant humidity. With patient research, we have found, here and there, the fittest grounds for Nebbiolo. Cannubi Boschis and Vignane in Barolo, Merli in Novello, Villero in Castiglione Falletto and Baudana in Serralunga d'Alba. The slopes are hostile, the soil is rich in structure but poor in substance and the sun is slower to set. On these hills our great Barolo are born, absolute wines, dedicated to the whole world.

For a long time, we were aware of the merits of another Nebbiolo, cultivated on the Roero hills, approximately twenty kilometers from Barolo. At the beginning of the 90s, we discovered a beautiful steep terrain in Roero, with a softer structure; a cradle for the vine, a natural amphitheater so steep that the sun is able to warm it up also in winter, when it rotates lower on the horizon. This is Valmaggiore, where we have planted our Nebbiolo vines following the lineaments of the soil, respecting the orientation of the hill, looking for the perfect harmony with the territory. Here our Valmaggiore is born, a 100% Nebbiolo, elegant and aristocratic, as a real country gentleman.
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