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Since the first beginning of his story, Luciano Sandrone has always had a clear philosophy of quality in mind, which has always been fully shared with his wife Mariuccia, his brother Luca and his daughter Barbara. Year after year this philosophy has been refined. Please click on the images to learn more.










We love intense, yet fragrant and harmonic wines, which can converse on equal terms with those who love them, not from a position of dominance. We love wines that are resistant to time and that each time they have the courage to tell the colors, scents and flavors that won't repeat themselves because they are unique. We love wines that are the sum of many integral elements, all of which are useful and no one is dominant. We love unique and distinctive wines, which at some point end and only the memory of their emotions can satisfy our need to find them again.



The vine is for us very special, thrifty and tolerant. It does not like anything in excess, over-fed land, exaggerated work, excessive winds as well as the exuberant moisture. At the same time, it knows how to defend itself from the cold and the heat as well as the lack of water, limiting its production activities. It loves its winemaker that favors and takes care of it in its vegetative cycle. We know each grapevine well and for this very reason, year after year, we carefully accompany it in its growth and changing clothes with the passing of the seasons. In return we have its gratitude, its bunches, and in our goals its trust.


In our thoughts and plans, the harvest is the culmination of the vintage. It is the synthesis of what has happened and we have done in the vineyard. It is therefore the most strategic production phase, to be faced with determination and sensitivity. Manual skill and profession come into play: because harvest is the first manual operation of the grape picking, but it is also the wise man's selective approach to choosing the right time for harvesting, selecting the bunches, and favoring the best by setting aside less mature ones. If a finish line was hoped in the vineyard, in the cellar it is the starting point towards productive results based on the quality and the origin.

Grape harvest

For us the quality of each wine is a challenge, to play all the way to the maximum satisfaction of everyone. We don't accept nor agree with half-measures. We certainly know that every wine in every vintage has its own variables that can play in favor or against us. We know how and are not afraid to take this risk. Each year, we fully commit to give personality to the wines, to make them grow in their identity and soliciting their characterization. We do not just comply with the general rules. Those are the basic rules, which do not fully meet our expectations. Each wine must be great, unique and able to withstand time. "Sibi et Paucis" demonstrates this approach.


In Piedmont and in our vineyards, the grapevine finds its home. It is the master of time and space. In every vineyard, it has built its ideal environment, sharing the characters of the soil and the sky. We know all our vineyards in every detail. Little by little, we have learnt how to read their behaviors and interpret their needs. At any moment, we are ready to intervene to guide, to correct and to help. In return every year the dependent and essential variable, the weather, arrives affecting the vegetation and influencing the productions. It is a special climate, indeed different every year, but always trustworthy to its integral characters that make it continental.


The cellar is the "household" of the wine. Ours is a magical and welcoming place, where spaces, containers and equipment are designed to make great quality. Here, the natural evolution starts again, passing from the bunch to the must and to wine, whether grapes vinify in the assemblage, or that each vineyard has its exclusive path. Each wine knows its way and its goal: our task is simply to accompany it with sensitivity towards the end result. In the cellar, time commands: no need to hurry or look for shortcuts to mitigate the young angularities. Only time can give lasting harmony.


By nature, the wine is "natural". For this it must be protected, indulged and valued, making sure that all the stages of production are developed with responsible attitude and have the utmost respect for the environment. We are convinced of this "modus operandi" and therefore we apply it with conviction in many production steps: we do moderate interventions in the vineyards; we privilege agronomic operations to drastic chemical intervention; we devote the utmost precaution to job security. Water and sun are valuable natural resources, for the vine and for us: we use it responsibly in order to leave them intact for future generations.


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