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ALESTE Barolo 2013


Tasting notes

In a cool and classic vintage such as 2013, one would expect a wine of power, austerity and verticality, and while the 2013 Aleste delivers these, there is also a generosity and balance to the wine that is very surprising in the context of the vintage.


The nose, while open and generous and full of red cherry and strawberry fruit and flowers, also shows balsamic notes that indicate its growing maturity and complexity.


On the palate, the wine shows great lift and expansiveness, with cinnamon, Darmasin plum and black cherry, all framed by the excellent acidity from this cool, classic vintage.


The finish has long, developed tannins that linger. The mouthfeel is one of lift and expansiveness, deep and long.



Ratings for the vintage 2013
Wine Advocate 97 points

James Suckling 96 points
Vinous 97 points
Wine Spectator 94 points
Wine Enthusiast 97 points
International Winereport 97 points 

Falstaff 97 Punkte 
Vini Buoni d`Italia 3 stelle
I Vini di Veronelli 3 stelle
Decanter 96 points
Kerin O'Keefe 97 points
Wine&Spirits 97 points


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Evolution of the vintage 2013

Overall, it was a season characterized by a double trend: after an initial fresher and rainy phase we had a second hotter and dry period that allowed strong recoveries achieving highly satisfying results.


Even though the bud burst happened in a period characterized by low temperatures and frequent rainfalls which made us fear a serious quality loss, in June nevertheless, with its blooming overture and its conditions tied to the atmospheric events gradually improved encouraging a good fruit attachment.


The true turning point happened in July with a stable time period. Warm and bright days up to October were favorable to the phenol synthesis. The fresh nights of the last period of maturation have, in addition, helped to develop at best the characteristics that mark the Nebbiolo, thus obtaining grapes of excellent quality.


In the end, we can declare that the field management was demanding, but the right choices have certainly made a difference and make the year 2013 a particularly good year.


Harvest took place on October 12th and 22nd




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