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VALMAGGIORE Nebbiolo d’Alba 2012


Tasting notes
The innate refinement and intensity of the Nebbiolo d'Alba character make this Valmaggiore 2012 so precious. The color is a beautiful garnet red, with soft orange reflections.

The aromas are wide and varied, with clearly predominant floral and fruity scents: dried rose, dried hay and blueberry, and blackcurrant jam. These are followed by spicy and other more evolved aromatics such as licorice and white truffle.

In the mouth the wine is warm, full and balanced with correct tannin. The acidity is present and balanced, all together anticipating a pleasing elegance as it matures.

The hints of licorice and truffle return clearly in the aftertaste. There is no need to wait any longer: the Nebbiolo d'Alba Valmaggiore 2012 is ready to drink now.


Ratings for the vintage 2012
Vinous 92 points
Wine Spectator 89 points
Wine Enthusiast 92 points
I Vini di Veronelli 3 stelle / 90 points
Tasted 100% blind 88,5 points
Wine Advocate 93 points


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Evolution of the vintage 2012
Spring started cool and wet, and the rain continued into May, but the temperatures rose considerably, leading to rapid vegetative development, which corrected to some degree the uneven bud break. Some rain in early June affected the flowering that began at the same time, but this had the effect of reducing the berry set, leading to looser clusters with better internal airflow, which is a distinct advantage for preventing diseases. This also led to less green harvesting as the fruit load has already been reduced by the smaller berry set. From end of June onwards, the weather cleared, and the temperatures were warm without being overly hot, leading to a slow, even development of the fruit. Temperatures were highest at the end of August, reaching almost 38°C under dry conditions. The plants were protected from the effects of hydric stress by the abundant groundwater reserves from the winter and spring precipitation. Even our plants in the sandy and well-drained soils of Roero were able to bring their fruit to perfect maturity.

Harvest was conducted from the 1st to the 15th of October.




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